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O mind
My small rumi­nant
Chewing with your unti­ring teeth
Days gone by
Pulled out from the pages of a book that no one reads any­more
What are you loo­king for there ?
It's just a point­less rou­tine
Or like an ancient gold miner
Sifting the sands in the streams
Are you loo­king for some pre­cious radiance ?
It's all in vain my dar­ling
Because eve­ry­thing in this world is worth­less in its own way
The great prin­ciples are often rain­bows beyond reach
Where the day's sub­sti­tutes are han­ging
Driven by lust for money and short-lived pas­sions
Nothing from the past can be retur­ned to me
In my remai­ning days
And the nature of the world won't have advan­ced
Even a single step
If when I reach the end of my days
The child in me is far bet­ter
Than the cra­zy man wri­ting the poem