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Nebojsa Vasovic was born in Kraljevo (Serbia) and lived most of his life in Belgrade. He recei­ved a BA degree from Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and his Masters in Poetics from New College of California (San Francisco). Vasovic has publi­shed twelve col­lec­tions of poe­try in his native Serbian lan­guage. His poems are trans­la­ted into Spanish, German, French, English, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Macedonian and Turkish. 

Although pri­ma­ri­ly known as a poet, Nebojsa Vasovic is also a well known cultu­ral and lite­ra­ry cri­tic. His cri­ti­cism often chal­lenges esta­bli­shed aca­de­mic inter­pre­ta­tions of pro­minent authors, most note­wor­thy of whom are Milan Kundera and Danilo Kiš.

Lives in Toronto (Canada).