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Just there where a rep­tile and an eagle cros­sed their paths

Retaining loyal­ty both to base­ness and pride

A new class will be born. Not to think of people

Is not a course nowa­days : it is a beau­ti­ful day devoid of night

Where dark­ness does not enter not even for the sex of oppo­sites.

Dark sha­dows and stains are yet visible in it

Resembling the traces of body upon which the day resides 

Even when contact with the spi­ri­tual has alrea­dy been esta­bli­shed.


An ostrich wakes before dawn to learn the name of the ghost

Given to him through let­ters. He does not contem­plate thirst

For he is not able to think.He does not even think of hun­ger

As he can­not even do that. He is the pri­mor­dial beast

Eager to read with his body, eager to write with his body,

Eager to be post­mo­dern. He is a brat of des­pair—

How is he going to become a pro­fes­sor ? —

For he contains some­thing deep within,

Already agreed upon by the rep­tile and the eagle.


This is this new class,our contem­po­ra­ry rea­der who,

By  the nature of things, also hides an author within.

He just approaches recep­tion, whis­pers his num­ber and his name.

Than he enters eter­ni­ty which is his true domain.


Translated from Serbian by Nina Živančević