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mr. archie[1] pas­sed through north caro­li­na with a trom­bone
impro­vi­sing ; along the way he for­med a band

what is the mea­ning of adjec­tives
if not the assault on mea­ning by means of sound ?

des­crip­tions of obso­lete emo­tions : poe­try

what­sats­ta­keis­thisss : the wagtail’s sss­li­the­ring
(which is non existent : the wag­tail nei­ther wags its tail nor sli­thers)

taken fur­ther the ana­lo­gy bet­ween one oxy­mo­ron and ano­ther :
as an ins­tru­ment to inves­ti­gate the future :

a nice bench with an ances­tor on it sit­ting cross-leg­ged

– what is he doing ?
– he’s eating pop­corn in anti­ci­pa­tion ! poe­try

starts : after cru­shing the yin-yang medal­lion
while a rus­sian rou­lette of bit­ter seeds keeps tur­ning !

(on his knees) please : no more moving speeches
no more : light eyes blue body blood :

a form of resis­tance to the sick­ly sweet conno­ta­tions of words

which topa­li strikes down : the spark­ling fire­work of noble breed
ely­tis – ely­tis paaa ! tsaaa !

(indeed, how is the import che­cked of non induc­tive rea­so­ning
when the moni­to­ring is done by boxes

within boxes in the depths of the men­tal land­scape?)

what if eve­ry­thing has been shif­ted from dra­ma →iro­ny and vice ver­sa
the ligh­thea­ded­ness remains cau­sed by the pos­si­bi­li­ty of non-exis­tence

and the deep in breaths, the attri­butes of the cata­lyst
which dis­lodges all humid constants while it becomes plain

wha­te­ver is there for one spark and one alone …due to lack of oxy­gen

ima­gi­na­ry life is bound
and inter­ro­ga­ted for red blood cells and pre­me­di­ta­tion

a thought below a com­pound of gasses was a news­wor­thy item
and the I …a doupt that is out of breath

[1] Archie Randolph Ammons (1926 – 2001), ame­ri­can poet.



The poems möbius, 0→1, ♪,  O2 belong to poe­try col­lec­tion Bella Boom (Publibook 2011) and have also been publi­shed in Hellenica : Novelty Within or Beyond Language : Anthology of Young Greek Poets, (Athens : Gavriilidis, 2009)