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Smooth cara­pace cooling his tongue
imbe­ci­lic farm­boy licks and turns
a white egg,
swaps it for ano­ther from the dai­ry fridge,

licks and turns.

In the new­ly-see­ded vege­table patch
a hen black­bird,
nest to build,
gobbles up grains of soil.

Imbecilic farm­boy licks and turns.

The nar­row lane beside the barn
has wing-fli­cker mar­tins
gathe­ring mud from wet trac­tor ruts.

In the square green mea­dow
round orange hens
wan­der among the legs
of brown cows, pau­sing
now and then
to scratch and peck,

scratch and peck.

Imbecilic farm­boy licks and turns.

From an inner room
comes mother’s screech.
Egg is qui­ck­ly retur­ned to tray,
fridge door bum­ped to a close.