Orfeas Apergis (Athens, 1974) aspires to beco­ming the best Greek poet of the English lan­guage. His pro­fes­sion is the wri­ting of Greek poe­try and his hob­by the wri­ting of said poe­try in English, in obser­vance of the fact that, for those of us in the per­iphe­ry, poe­try is usual­ly what is found in trans­la­tion. He has been publi­shing in Greek jour­nals since 2006. A volume of his col­lec­ted poe­try appea­red in late 2011, under the title “Y”, a work he pre­fers to call a col­lec­ture, in other words a gene­tic syl­lo­gism in lieu of a poe­tic col­lec­tion. Since poe­try is making an appea­rance out of rea­li­ty, he will be hos­ting a crea­tive wri­ting work­shop at the conti­nuing edu­ca­tion pro­gramme of Athens College, begin­ning in September 2012. The Angloscript mate­rials pro­vi­ded on this web­site are from a pro­jec­ted uni­ty cal­led Night Allowance.