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Parallel lives

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You should know
I’m not who I am
The one who you see living an eve­ry­day life
Being paid for the job he’s doing
Sometimes with pains in his back
Or in his knees
The triumph of stu­pi­di­ty giving him migraine hea­daches 
He who reads the papers and hears the news
And drinks with his friends or alone
And smokes an old pipe secret­ly so his wife doesn’t know
He who wor­ries about the lives of kids
And struggles to write the unwrit­ten

I am a man who makes his life far from here
Who explores unk­nown places in the earth
Who nips in the bud mons­trous hur­ri­canes
Who holds a tight leash on floo­ding rivers and spins ener­gy
To light up the night
Who reveals through the cos­mos the his­to­ry of crea­tion
Who helps find the names for new stars
Who takes pro­tons apart like shel­ling wal­nuts
Entering through quarks
To get at matter’s secrets
Who can make the dumb speak and deaf hear
Tuning in to the world’s caco­pho­ny
Who appears in the path of bar­ba­rian hordes
And crushes them
Who des­troys wild dic­ta­tors
The minute they step away from their thrones
And people wake up smi­ling
Who finds the roots of medi­cines for each disease
Who undoes the green­house effect
Saving the world from glo­bal war­ming
And in the eve­ning
After conduc­ting a giant orches­tra
And a cho­rus of a mil­lion chil­dren in the Sahara desert
That he has cau­sed to blos­som with olive trees and oranges
Returns to his home
To lie only a lit­tle bit tired
Near the quiet brea­thing of his belo­ved wife.