> Photograph of Vacationers…

Photograph of Vacationers…

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Photograph of Vacationers in the Russian Countryside


Where I won­der, are these melan­cho­ly girls of ephe­me­ral youth ?
Olga, Irina and Masha, feeble autumn trees,
remem­ber the names of all those who once res­ted in your shade,
have no more regrets for the years that slip by,
I myself have no other way,
I too embra­ced these trees with trem­bling hands
I too loved unat­tai­nable eter­ni­ty.
There is no other time for me except this past that conti­nuous­ly drifts away,
there is no other way for us Olga, Irina, Masha,
I have never unders­tood death.
And I too furious­ly strike the earth with my cane,
hel­pless like a blind man.

Translated from Greek by Richard Pierce