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“Poem Walk”

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A Poem for my Creative Writing Class Out on a “Poem Walk”


"There is no such thing as a free walk"

Did they walk well –
your poems ?
Or did they fall asleep,
under stil­l­ness
only real­ly old trees
seem to pro­mise any more ?

So what was it like
to aban­don me
and your class­room ?

Did your poems step out with you ?
Did they smuggle them­selves into your back­packs ?
Into your unsus­pec­ting water bot­tles ?
Into the rin­ging silence of your mobiles ?

Did they walk many forest miles ?
Are their feet cra­cked,
aching, mul­ti- thor­ned ?
Would they be nee­ding a foot mas­sage ?

And what of their fin­gers ?
Will they fly over key­boards ?

Can your poems mail them­selves
to me
by five this eve­ning ?
There is
no such thing
as a free walk !

So will they,
will they not
turn them­selves in –
these run-away poems ?


Published in Kavya Bharati, 2011, No.23