> Rings of Smoke

Rings of Smoke

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Floating on a wisp of air,
Perhaps an exha­la­tion in des­pair,
Or rising from those many fires lit,
Of human ori­gin, and human wit,
To a rus­tic tune, ascen­ding from a pit.
And to his soli­ta­ry plight,
Gloated those dis­tant stars,
From their celes­tial height.
A win­dy night 'twas, in the sties,
In the dark, it all lay, as it all lies
That ring of smoke came to him,
In a willy-nilly, it flew past,
Absolved it was of all doubt,
Not a tan­trum it threw,
Of labor and of lei­sure too.
But this ethe­real ring did prompt,
Memories from '71, when in the thoughts,
He had seen, rings of smoke through the trees.
From the cor­ner of his eye,
He glan­ced again,as it pas­sed by,
In the moon­light it glea­med,
Flowed thou­sands of them in a river,
And could make a heart qui­ver.
Fascinated was the loo­ny,
By this shy acquain­tance of his,
Lit he the char­red paper,
And cur­led he,those scor­ched lips,
A mul­ti­tude sprung from the smoke,
The indo­lent fool, fan­cied a thing or two,
From those lips, came forth a few,
And still floa­ted ; pon­de­red he, Why ?
With ambi­tions as huge as swal­lo­wing the sky,
Gestures, which gra­vi­ty did defy,
Vanished they, without a solemn good­bye.