> Rubbing shoulders with Amapa

Rubbing shoulders with Amapa

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In the ear­ly light
you are the young woman
run­ning wild
through the thigh-high, tus­so­cky, savan­na grass ;
dark hair caught by the wind ;
Sipaliwini's spindle plain
ope­ning up its zoom lens
to the first shut­ter
of dawn.

The forest is behind you now.

All you ever want
is to reach the moun­tains of Mamia.
Your com­pass
has urged you to go there –
to straddle the land
before the first fil­ter of sun­light
blazes the earth

You pick up its sta­tic,
goo­se­flesh brist­ling all over your skin
at this sud­den new depar­ture.

Nothing can hold you now.

All your ener­gy is ful­ly char­ged.
Another hour
and you'll be up on the heights
rub­bing shoul­ders with Amapa –
arms hug­ging the bor­der –
your first love


*Amapa is a state in North Brazil on the bor­der with Surinam.

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