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Samantak Bhadra is an IT pro­fes­sio­nal employed with Cognizant Technology Solutions. He is also a wri­ter, a musi­cian, a social entre­pre­neur, a public spea­ker and the friend­ly neigh­bou­rhood joker who hails from Kolkata and cur­rent­ly resides in Bangalore, India. His wri­tings have been accep­ted for publi­ca­tion in lite­ra­ry jour­nals and antho­lo­gies from dif­ferent parts of the world. Currently he is wor­king on two pro­jects, one of them being a debut novel which is a convo­lu­ted take on our eve­ry­day lives and the emo­tions and sto­ries embroi­led in it. He is also wor­king on his first book of poe­try which is a col­lec­tion of ran­dom inter­pre­ta­tions of war, emo­tions, life, death, words and nega­ti­vi­ty.