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Samui, Samui, and strand, and
crys­tal sand, and
the big gol­den lotus – Buddha, and
the sun bla­zing
white to the crim­son of
your reti­na.
Sarong cares­sing hips – below
the navel’s cres­cent moon
the rain­bow gar­den per­fu­med with
wild jas­mine. Oh man­gos, green man­gos,
and sugar pineapples, papayas –
the honey run­ning
to your palm.
“Siiingha”, he cries under
the conus hat run­ning over
the fire sand pink feet, gold
body, white pupils, lea­ving
no trace behind ; his hea­vy
bas­ket filled with
  cold beer ; “Singha, Singha,”
back and forth, he spins
in constant motion ; milk
white farang bodies
motion­less on
beach chairs ; yel­low dogs with
amber eyes scrat­ching, bloo­dy with
insane with
fleas ;
foo­lish fish jump from
the shal­lows, wig­gling
in the trem­bling air —
a sil­ver  spindle ; and
coco­nuts, hard
coco­nuts fall from
tall killer-palms
with a bang, without
pre­me­di­ta­tion ;
and you, you are waking from
mother-of-pearl sleep in which
a small, nas­ty, black bee
full of hea­vy
tro­pi­cal pol­len has
bit­ten your