> signal (polskie radio 3)

signal (polskie radio 3)

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arrest anyone who exists.
resis­tance pain­ted black
Brygada blue star
on red/​white rail­road on
mari­tal church/​state vow

the recep­tion was hideous

mar­tial law rin­ging from
ice cream van paro­dy
Jonathan Richman never
did it like this cold war
flake out boy under wheel

cze­ka­my cze­ka­my

Tomasz speaks in
Thames/​Wisła estua­ry.
He’s tired alrea­dy.
no future milk bot­tle basics.
McLaren’s Chelsea sho­wroom.

strange is this world

Science/​culture high-rise
concrete lego palace
a record needle that
scratches the sky
acous­tic secu­ri­ty loo­pholes

my street is in the heart of the city

Punk in a Warsaw apart­ment
plant pot gui­tars
bigos pan amps ring
16 men to a cell
roll ups 1.5 inches

famous, ido­li­zed pau­pers

Jarocin year­ning
secret police punk streams
soli­da­ri­ty into
Slavic conscious­ness
cur­tains are ope­ned

black shades are rai­sed