SJ Fowler has publi­shed four col­lec­tions of poe­try, inclu­ding Minimum Security Prison Dentistry (AAA press) and Fights (Veer books). He has been com­mis­sio­ned by the Tate, Mercy and the London Sinfonietta and has fea­tu­red in over 100 poe­try jour­nals. He has read his work at inter­na­tio­nal fes­ti­vals across Europe and been trans­la­ted into nine lan­guages. He is the poe­try edi­tor at 3am maga­zine, and the UK edi­tor of VLAK and Lyrikline. He edits the Maintenant inter­view and rea­ding series in London and works at the British Museum. www​.sjfow​ler​poe​try​.com www​.blut​kitt​.blog​spot​.com