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bet­ween sha­dow and sub­stance
years of fear lie behind us, cages

of pain, fun­gus-like dust growth,
damp­ness of an amphibian’s skin,

a dar­ke­ning wing : but the length and
cur­va­ture of the talons were what

tru­ly ter­ri­fied. Precedents
were pul­led from the stew of his­to­ry.

None satis­fied. Coming out of
the now­here of a war, lost

in ano­ther lan­guage, we fidd­led
with our own body parts —

an une­ven fin­ger­nail, nos­tril hair,
a movable, sub­cu­ta­neous cyst….

No safe­ty in sta­sis.
We will not be mis­sed.