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Spirited Away

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This one was a cle­ver thief, pene­tra­ting
cracks like free­zing fog, set­tling
on just one thing for each night’s haul –
a sove­rei­gn hid­den under the vel­vet lining
of a rose­wood box, a dus­ty figu­rine
neglec­ted in an attic room.

A pre­da­to­ry bird, he sur­veys
his future plun­der – small anti­qui­ties
brought back from Greece, bone chi­na cups,
her bed­side clock. Light fin­gers secrete
them into obs­cure pockets as he slips
sound­less­ly away, lea­ving no foot­prints.

She begins to sense him cree­ping
through the house like mor­ning mist
spi­ri­ting away her trea­sures.
Powerless and afraid, she holds tight
her fami­ly pho­tos alrea­dy fading
in their sil­ver frames.

Locking doors and win­dows
she draws the cur­tains round.