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The para­nor­mal doesn't agree with me.
The nor­mal, you, sen­ding me signs of love
And free­dom, does.
Lies and arro­gance make me ill.
Sweetness, you were truth,
Even if at the end you were caught in the lie of a needle.
Who unders­tands ?  Because I am see­king unders­tan­ding,
Even if I know I shouldn't.
Philosophy.  Metaphysics.  Fuck.
Just be with me, like you are,
And that will be enough,
As it was when you wal­ked and ate and slept
Beside me, no plan on either of our parts,
No unders­tan­ding from anyone else neces­sa­ry
To create what will out­live us.
Help me to look out­ward, on the dri­ving wind.
And please don't stop your mes­sages ;
I read some­thing like hap­pi­ness for me in them.

[in Pilot Magazine]