> The Bomb-Disposer’s Walk

The Bomb-Disposer’s Walk

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with lark dots twit­te­ring aloft
in a blue-frac­tu­red cloud­scape
the skin sur­face heat of fear
when on strength­less legs
he sets off bet­ween
hed­ge­rows of almond-scen­ted gorse
to face the always unk­nown

trac­tors in fields all around
theirs a sea­so­nal urgen­cy
rota­va­ting, har­ro­wing, seed-drilling
rol­ling and rai­sing a teeth-sti­cking
red dust this dry spring

a super­sti­tious dis­trust of the adre­na­lin rush
he knows that sand­bags and body armour
are no gua­ran­tee of pro­tec­tion but
a thought of what comes after the unk­nown
– phone call to be made, bill to be paid –
grants momen­ta­ri­ly a neces­sa­ry
  notion of invin­ci­bi­li­ty