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The City

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The city is old, wet and gray.
The city is bloo­ming with faces.
The city is an umbrel­la
We use once, then dis­card

In favor of ano­ther umbrel­la,
Another city !  Oh city, how you
Laugh and play with the others,
And when you are drawn to

Scale, you wink and wink and
Can't stop win­king !  City,
A snake sli­thers under you,
A rat, a cat and an alli­ga­tor.

You put each of these on a long
Leash and go for a walk by
Yourself.  It is on this walk you
Remember some­thing about

Happiness.  The hap­pi­ness is
Yours, ours and everyone’s who
Crosses your sal­low bor­ders.
Your life is our life, and you do

Something like weep, but real­ly,
It is only your music in the rain.