> The end of the masked ball

The end of the masked ball

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When you get cru­shed by :
shop­ping malls
fune­ral homes
day­cares ceme­te­ries
flo­wer shops people shop win­dows
gip­sy slums cre­dit cards
mater­ni­ty wards people
traf­fic alarm clocks
people chil­dren fur­ni­ture sho­wrooms
people people people
cities traf­fic-lights mail­boxes
news­pa­pers parks com­mer­cials
churches people bir­th­days the inter­net
zoos banks hyper­mar­kets
people make-up package tours

into the heart’s cham­bers you’ll pack all that sor­rows
the whole lot of it
and gid­dyup you’ll trot off all alone
known to stran­gers
a stran­ger to your next
dumb as a mule
rump as a stump
you’ll stir up all those des­pairs
you’ll jam them into your spurs
you’ll saddle your anger
there it is nei­ghing in the pen all these years
you’ll mount it
feed it with splin­ters of your rage
with sli­vers of fears
you’ll hug that mons­ter
you’ll tug at the reins all alone
you’ll knock it down raving
peel off his mask
and crush it with the truth
since enough indeed
it thud­ded upon you