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The essay solution

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The knu­ckles of his fin­gers ope­ned
so as that the mate­ria­li­ty of the moment be betrayed
or other­wise impart grounds
or ano­ther give it a place within time
an aureole (as affec­ta­tion) to go along
the uni­ted land­scape ―
and if the land­scape had joi­ned him
and he was the dis­play of any landscape’s part
had the land­scape a prio­ri borne all struc­tures
(he knew
he could not sus­tain the tiniest thought
being here/​there in per­fect vacuum)

what after all does the land­scape intend to say
through him ?
And there was nei­ther in rea­li­ty, nor in the poem,
nor in inter­me­dia­tion any solu­tion but a convex
or stret­ching of the idea
(depen­ding on the will he set onto a pre­gnant line