> The know-how to lock words

The know-how to lock words

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Frozen words, crys­tals or snow flakes in free fall.
As you join them you observe how the voice is fit­ted toge­ther
of humans.

The core locked up, lan­guage a sword pier­cing you,
a pas­sion for pre­cise com­ments : the key you’ve swal­lo­wed
is rus­ting in your sto­mach,
while the door­ways remain unas­sai­lable.

Look ! No amount of recon­ci­ling with the dark signs
of the decea­sed forest,
will ever get you per­fect­ly well acquain­ted
with the night’s meta­phy­si­cal dis­course.

It’s the ani­mal which, woun­ded, searches the world
for a res­t­ful place,
pro­tec­ted from the judges’ harsh light –
char­nel houses that pre­serve
the secret of motion.

The colors’ sad­ness, as they are worn thin by the wheel
of the days,
memo­ries see­king off­spring amid the lyn­ched cen­tu­ries.

Medals of matu­ri­ty behind the backs of tomes,
someone gazing at you com­pas­sio­na­te­ly from inside the swamp.

The glass-shell contains in its inner wil­der­ness
the for­got­ten debt of inven­ting a bank within the flow.

Words’ unbe­lie­vable sor­row, once their rea­lism
is trans­fu­sed, like a sign, into your visions,
a sky that docked inside the room and is now hur­ling stars –
you can still see it inside the veins.

The seeds you sowed in your eyes.


Translated from Greek by Kostantinos Matsoukas