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The Mime Called Time

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The leaves fall and wither
Pages turn mono­to­nous­ly
The calen­dar falls off the wall
I am the wit­ness, stran­ger

There are no ran­dom bursts
There is only consistent loss
The eyes become stones
I have felt it, stran­ger

The skin peels off slow­ly
Virility is a dying flame
The mind is a rus­ted nail
I mourn you, stran­ger

Grey is your house now
The paint is thus extinct
The cree­pers are free
I reside there, stran­ger

A calm fire is bur­ning
Smoke hiding the tear
Devouring that arm­chair
I know of it, stran­ger

Memories without colour
And an inde­fi­nite abyss
Inevitable and unac­cep­table
Not your fault, stran­ger

Incessant hands of the clock
The wind pays no heed
Blowing away the dust
You unders­tand, stran­ger

Light up your eyes
The wheels stop the­re­fore
Sunlight in the room
You may smile, stran­ger

Every drop of time
Precious bead in a neck­lace
Silent mes­sage is conveyed
I am a mime, stran­ger