> The Nowhere Parade

The Nowhere Parade

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Love soils at the drip of a ten­don
And blank is nothing in the roun­des­phere.

H. attacks the great totems of pas­sion,
And now we annul the whol­ly there
Until our sex­tants dar­ken remar­kable.

I’d like to lie in the cool grass
With my hag­gard nos­trums.
It would be like fire in the cross­roads ;
A fuschia archaeop­te­ryx would eat my bones.

Love soils, see how easy ?
Slender quiet­ness, trans­ub­stan­tia­ting octave,
What hap­pe­ned to your velo­ci­ty
On this rai­ny zero ?


[In Sunny Wednesday, Wave Books, 2009]