> The pulling power of electric light

The pulling power of electric light

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As soon as the light had gone from the day
swarms flew to the bulb. Even the dim­mest
     drew them in –
it pul­led them to a pri­mal sun
that sin­ged them to the core.

Lying there in your flim­sy dress
there was no line of resis­tance.
You heard the sound of men on board ;
the enli­ve­ned com­mo­tion of scor­ched moths
col­li­ding with the snare. In the dream
they were coming at you like lepi­dop­te­ra
lif­ting out of the mist. Nothing
would kill this tor­ture. So you held on,
blin­ded by the heat of the moment –
the relent­less, hard-edged glare
until the men shut off the beam ;
eve­ry­thing dying to an idle gleam –

how easy it is to burn.


Translated by Ioana Vîlcu