> The Thistle and the Snail

The Thistle and the Snail

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Next door they have plan­ted thistles

I say thistles

but they’re more like globe arti­chokes
       but tal­ler – much tal­ler
     eight, per­haps ten feet tall

a bit like knap­weed real­ly
with their tufts of purple flo­wers

when I think of trif­fids
plants like these come to mind

they could quite easi­ly
detach them­selves from the soil
and walk in a mena­cing way
towards a vege­tal Armageddon.

Their seed-heads are like medie­val maces –
bru­tal – bar­ba­ric

half­way up one of the stalks
on a broad half-eaten leaf
a snail is mun­ching pea­ce­ful­ly

     does he not know
     the dan­ger that he’s in ?

pro­ba­bly not

he clings in his coi­led way to what he knows
and what he knows suf­fices and sus­tains.