> The Transitional Plunge

The Transitional Plunge

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The house does not hide
Crying out in dif­ferent ways
Shards fly with wings of their own
I see the world out­side
At the end of the dim­ly lit cor­ri­dor
There are 10 doors to my left
10 doors to my right
They com­mand me to enter
Lights fli­cker ani­ma­ted­ly
My eyes move fur­ti­ve­ly
The soles grow wate­ry
Mad wind in my hair
Nerves in the opaque mind
The dis­tance is far and nar­row
Banshees in the cob­webs scream
The feet move… gathe­ring pace
The doors become giants
Strangling the body slow­ly
The mind is with the soul
Freedom grows big­ger
The dis­tance has nar­ro­wed
Transforming into ether

Escaping through the cor­ners
Then the plunge into the wave
Dissolving of extre­mi­ties
The loss … the­re­fore, the peace
No rea­son to think any­more
The lif­ting up of arms
And the soa­ring of spi­rit
Till the end of free­dom
The end… It never shall come…