> The Wall And The Parallel Worlds

The Wall And The Parallel Worlds

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Sprawling acres of hap­pi­ness
Delicate and plas­tic
Thunderous gates bar entry
Ominous harsh wall sur­rounds
To hide out the rea­li­ty
Or hide in the unreal
Green angels float soft­ly
Sunlight pam­pers the thought
Delusional opu­lence
Crammed in a plas­tic bot­tle

The unna­tu­ral hea­ven
And the lavish dwel­ling
Abuzz with the cry of new life
Heralded in the cham­bers
Praised by all and sun­dry
Drowning the nega­ti­vi­ty
Hiding the scars of rea­li­ty
Bathed in silk and pure milk
Opulent bosoms tend
The infant sleeps in gold

The illu­sion of gaie­ty
Falls shar­ply at the edge
As a grey world emerges
With fangs drip­ping of blood
Outside the wall
Flow the blea­ched colours
Solace is a foe today
In a world of rava­ged hope
Furrows of dark anguish
Mutating the skin

Makeshift dwel­lings catch the eye
Half-naked crea­tures of the night
Dissolved in the dark­ness
Salty dro­plets of neglect
Somewhere in the clus­ter
Amidst dir­ty sca­ven­gers
Dying embers emit a light
And a child is born
In the nec­tar of pover­ty
In the ocean of lost hope

Stone walls divide the worlds
Slow death of a low­ly born
Fountain of life for the other
Two worlds so far
Yet so close… so close…
Unheralded life ebbs away
Into the dis­tant nether
Velvet fea­ther pam­pers the other
Paradoxical whim­si­cal fate
Christens one and for­gets the other