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The Yard

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The yard is filled with bar­nacles
Today.  How did they get there ?
The sea, so shi­ny and green,
Is far away.  There is gar­bage

In the yard, too — how did it get
There ?  The gar­bage men came
Today and took all of the trash.
The yard is filled with sla­shed

Hearts — how did they get there
When all the hearts of the house
Are hea­led ?  That devil yard !  It
Always makes me think of things

Other than the flo­wers that bloom
There, the grasses that look like
Palm trees.  Maybe the yard is
A sym­bol for some­thing oppo­site

Of itself.  Maybe it creeps around
The house at night and gathers
All our wounds and the trees take
Them into their arms, and then

Spread out like sum­mer, like a
Library of ligh­test, grayest lead.