> Through the blossom-gate

Through the blossom-gate

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and quite before the acid leaf unfurls into its mea­ning
we are sub­jec­ted to the play of light,
wor­king on our neces­si­ty to speak out

into a flo­we­ring. It is not yet warm  and
alrea­dy the sun is playing at drag­ging up

and dis­playing those unwan­ted words,
elu­ci­da­to­ry and garish in their bab­ble­ment.

Its almost neces­sa­ry to cut them
at their source. That well-spring

is a tree-woun­ded gash. The birds
disa­gree in their illu­mi­na­to­ry chat­ter as
they may,

and cast all their cir­cum­spec­tions to the breeze.