> Verisimilitude of reality

Verisimilitude of reality

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Cloud-bow. The clay ado­les­cent behind the win­dow pane
is woun­ded.

The rui­ned world can­not be res­to­red.

Place me facing the image of my sha­dow,
to whom you allo­wed to exit without me present.

I want to pit myself against des­pair,
as when you explore a new home­land
and the unk­nown is still a box tos­sed in the void.

Yet, I am remote from that pea­ce­ful lake,
sus­pen­ded like the astro­naut swal­lo­wed up
by infi­ni­ty.

I am not through. I would not have liked to be through.

The dazz­ling days fol­low on my foot­prints,
for as long as the light lasts.

If you return,
marble will melt away like snow strug­gling against the sun­rays,

as when you weld your­self onto wil­ful­ness
and manage to turn into stone.


Translated from Greek by Kostantinos Matsoukas