> Voices were sanctified

Voices were sanctified

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Voices were sanc­ti­fied in the mud,
acces­sible to chi­sel from within you
their need for expres­sion.

Like the value of assi­mi­la­ting the crying
of the one har­sh­ly defea­ted by indif­fe­rence,
the one gam­bling away his talents in a game of dice
as the only revenge
for the nar­row mar­gin left to make an escape
from him­self.

You part with the cocoon in pain
consen­ting stoi­cal­ly to the vise of the days
stu­dying the breadth and width of human digni­ty.

Under the rei­gn of name­less things.


Translated from Greek by Kostantinos Matsoukas