the one
who poun­ced on the lips of books
on waters of the black canals
and on museum gates

[ – How’re you doing, how’s eve­ry­thing ?
(with a voice a few tones lower)
– Well, ok,
– You don’t seem quite well, what’s going on ?
(with a voice after intros­pec­tion)
– It may be depres­sion.
– Because you came back ?
(with a voice with no expres­sion
or the usual iro­ny
– No, Ι can’t spot it, no rea­son…]

the one
who got up five o’clock in the mor­ning
to read Kopland ?
or not
the one
who got up ; so, since he got up
why not read Kopland ?
the one
who got up without any thoughts, only
anxious to hold onto some­thing ?

Garbage has to be the poem of our time”
but gar­bage in the Hague is not visible

Caws, iodine, humi­di­ty,
ocean and fur­ther down : urban culture

Acceleration de tous les sens
(that’s what he wished for)

Theory M came – and to explain our­selves
(that’s what he did not wish for)

Baaden-Bit could be
but it was nothing but a cheap/​pricey λύσις

Τemporary tou­lips


λύσις /​liּsis/​ [greek] solu­tion


[Published in greek in poe­try jour­nal Poiisi /​ Poetry in June 2005]