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Zvonko Karanović (1959) is a poet and fic­tion wri­ter born in Niš, Serbia. Like the poets of the Beat gene­ra­tion he takes as his models, he has tra­ve­led wide­ly throu­ghout Europe, hit­ch­hi­king and often chan­ging jobs. He has wor­ked as a jour­na­list, edi­tor, radio host, DJ, concert orga­ni­zer, and for thir­teen years he was the owner of a music store.

He was star­ting to write draw on Beat lite­ra­ture roots, film, and pop culture. Later, he deve­lo­ped his own style cal­led „dark neoexis­ten­tia­lism“. He is wri­ter of dis­tinct­ly urban sen­si­bi­li­ties. For many years he was an under­ground cult figure. He is the only Serbian poet with a fan club (“The Silver Surfer”) – foun­ded in 1991 and still ope­ra­tio­nal.

His tri­lo­gy The Diary of a Deserters is the first such pro­ject in 21st-cen­tu­ry Serbian lite­ra­ture, and is com­pri­sed of the novels More Than Zero (2004), Four Walls and the City (2006), and Three Snapshots of Victory (2009). Taking place in the per­iod bet­ween April 1998 and October 5, 2000, the tri­lo­gy chro­nicles the lives of three young urban men who, figh­ting for their beliefs, attempt to live free­ly in an unfree land. His tri­lo­gy is dedi­ca­ted to Serbia’s “lost gene­ra­tion” – those who, in the 90’s, either left the coun­try, per­ished in the new Balkan wars, or suf­fe­red social mar­gi­na­li­za­tion due to their cos­mo­po­li­tan world­view. All three novels recei­ved great atten­tion.

Books of Poetry :

Blitzkrieg (1990)
Silver Surfer (1991)
Mama Melancholy (1996)
Extravaganza (1997)
Dark Highway (2001)
Stripping (2004)
Demons in the Bordello (2012)

Neon Dogs – Selected Poems (2001)
Box Set – Collected Poems (2009)

Dark Highway – Selected Poems (Croatia, 2008)
Drums and Strings, the Highway and the Night – Selected Poems (Ukraine, 2011)

His poems were trans­la­ted into English, Greek, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Czech, Ukrainian, Germany and Polish.