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Hélène Cardona is a poet, actor, lite­ra­ry trans­la­tor and dream ana­lyst. She atten­ded Hamilton College, New York, where she also taught French and Spanish, and the Sorbonne, where she wrote her the­sis on Henry James for her Master's in English & American Literature.

She is the author of the bilin­gual poe­try col­lec­tions Life in Suspension /​ La Vie Suspendue (Salmon Poetry, 2016), Dreaming My Animal Selves /​ Le Songe de mes Âmes ani­males (Salmon Poetry, 2013), win­ner of the Pinnacle Book Award and the 2014 Readers' Favorite Award in Poetry, fina­list for the International Book Awards in Poetry and the Julie Suk Award ; Ce que nous por­tons (Éditions du Cygne, 2014) her trans­la­tion of What We Carry by Dorianne Laux ; Beyond Elsewhere (White Pine Press, 2016) her trans­la­tion of Plus loin qu’ailleurs by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac ; and The Astonished Universe (Red Hen Press, 2006).

She also trans­la­ted Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Renard, Crickillon, René Depestre, Ernest Pépin, and her father José Manuel Cardona into English.

She taught at Loyola Marymount University, recei­ved fel­low­ships from the Goethe-Institut & Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, and is a mul­tiple-time Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nomi­nee.

She co-edits Fulcrum : An Anthology of Poetry and Aesthetics, Dublin Poetry Review and Levure Littéraire, and is a contri­bu­tor to The London Magazine.

Publications include Washington Square, World Literature Today, Poetry International, The Irish Literary Times, Plume, The Dublin Review of Books, Periódico de Poesía, The Warwick Review, The Toronto Quarterly, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, The Los Angeles Review, and more.

Anthologies include Dead and Undead Poems : Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires and Devils (Random House, 2015); Read Women : An Anthology (Locked Horn Press, 2014); Near Kin : Words and Art Inspired by Octavia E. Butler (Sybaritic Press, 2014); Love's Peripeteias (The New Visionary Press Cooperative, 2014); For Rhino in a Shrinking World (Poets Printery, 2013),  From the Four Chambered Heart : In tri­bute to Anais Nin (Sybaritic Press, 2013); The Blue Max Review (Rebel Poetry, 2012); Dogs Singing : A Tribute Anthology (Salmon Poetry, 2011); Illuminations : Expressions of the Spiritual Experience (Celestial Arts, 2006).

Acting cre­dits include Chocolat, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jurassic World, The Hundred-Foot Journey, X-Men Days of Future Past, Muppets Most Wanted, Happy Feet 2, The Muppets, and more. For Serendipity she co-wrote with direc­tor Peter Chelsom and com­po­ser Alan Silvestri the song Lucienne, which she also sang.

Born in Paris and rai­sed all over Europe, she has lived in Switzerland, France, England, Wales, Monaco, Germany, Spain and the United States.




Hélène Cardona est l’auteur des recueils bilingues de poé­sie Life in Suspension /​La Vie Suspendue (Salmon Poetry, 2016) Le Songe de mes Âmes Animales (Salmon Poetry, 2013), Pinnacle Book Award, 2014 Readers’ Favorite Award in Poetry, fina­liste pour le International Book Awards in Poetry et le Julie Suk Award ; et L’Univers Stupéfait (Red Hen Press, 2006).

Ce que nous por­tons, sa tra­duc­tion de What We Carry de Dorianne Laux, vient de paraître aux Éditions du Cygne, et Beyond Elsewhere, sa tra­duc­tion de Plus loin qu’ailleurs de Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac, paraî­tra chez Whine Pine Press en 2016.

Diplômée d’une Maîtrise de lit­té­ra­ture amé­ri­caine de la Sorbonne, elle a ensei­gné à Hamilton College, New York, et à Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. Elle a reçu des bourses du Goethe-Institut & de la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, et a été nomi­née plu­sieurs fois pour le Pushcart Prize et le Best of the Net.

Elle est co-rédac­trice de Fulcrum : An Anthology of Poetry and Aesthetics, Dublin Poetry Review et Levure Littéraire, et col­la­bore au The London Magazine.

Elle a tra­duit la poé­sie de Jean-Claude Renard, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Crickillon, René Depestre, Ernest Pépin, et de son père José Manuel Cardona en anglais.

Elle est aus­si actrice (Chocolat, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jurassic World, The Hundred-Foot Journey, X-Men Days of Future Past, Muppets Most Wanted, Happy Feet 2, The Muppets, etc). Pour Serendipity elle a co-écrit (avec le met­teur en scène Peter Chelsom et le com­po­si­teur Alan Silvestri) la chan­son Lucienne, qu’elle chante aus­si.

Née à Paris, elle a gran­di à tra­vers toute l’Europe et a vécu en Suisse, France, Angleterre, au Pays de Galles, Monaco, Allemagne, Espagne, et les États-Unis.