My dear friends, estee­med poets and authors, all those invol­ved in "The International Festival of Peace Poetry", who are eager to pur­sue their pur­pose after this long inter­val, you are wel­co­med to join us by sen­ding your poems and articles.

Some of the sub­jects that can be dis­cus­sed in these articles :

* The role of peace and demo­cra­cy in eco­no­my espe­cial­ly in com­pa­ri­son to coun­tries, whose eco­no­my relies upon the pro­duc­tion of war wea­pon­ry.

* The influence of lite­ra­ture and art in the exten­sion of anti-vio­lence culture.

* The influence of civil liber­ties in the impro­ve­ment of women's state.

* Reasons for the emer­gence of vio­lence in clo­sed socie­ties and their influence on urban and rural cultures.

*  Regulations or cultu­ral and beha­vio­ral irre­gu­la­ri­ties, men's vio­lence towards women and vice ver­sa with consi­de­ra­tion of femi­nis­tic theo­ries.

* Concealed sexual abuse in mari­tal rela­tion­ships.

* One-sided love and vio­lence as its result.

*  Circumstances and approaches for tea­ching peace to chil­dren and tee­na­gers espe­cial­ly in coun­tries living under dic­ta­tor­ships.

*  Recognition of civil and unci­vil beha­vior towards sexual mino­ri­ties (such as homo­sexuals, her­ma­phro­dites, and etc.) and approaches for deve­lo­ping a pea­ce­ful and huma­nis­tic beha­vior towards them.

* The ana­ly­ti­cal stu­dy of the beha­vior of men today towards nature and envi­ron­ment.

* The role of media and its influence in increa­sing or threa­te­ning pur­po­se­ful beha­vio­ral vio­lence (concea­led or expo­sed).

* Debilitating or empo­we­ring peace or any sub­ject, which effects the com­mand­ment or debi­li­ta­tion of peace and civil liber­ties.

We ask you to invite your friends from any eth­ni­ci­ty, natio­na­li­ty, and lan­guage to join us.

Send your poems and articles regar­ding peace in order to be publi­shed in this site, along with your pho­to and bio­gra­phy (two lines) to the fol­lo­wing address.

It should be men­tio­ned that in the near future the offi­cial call and condi­tions for the third round of "The International Festival Peace Poetry" will be announ­ced to the sup­por­ters of peace around the world through the press and the web­site. Deadline : May 10, 2013

It should also be men­tio­ned that this is a trial dis­play of this web­site, which will be laun­ched on May 16, 2013 after col­lec­ting your poems and articles, and upda­ted eve­ry two months in both Persian and English.

"The International Festival of Peace Poetry" Secretariat

March 21, 2013