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Ladies and gent­le­men vel­com­men ; quiet please ; as you can see, that is, as you can’t see, we know not whe­ther our com­pliant cat is dead or not. Right now, I would ask a mem­ber of the reve­red audience to concede to paying to the order of a rever­sed proof, a proof anti-poe­ti­cal­ly lite­ral (and not, one hopes, lite­ral­ly anti-poe­ti­cal):

What about you, my pret­ty, love­ly, come clo­ser, rea­dy ?
ala uno ala due ala tre

(a cat is revea­led com­pri­sed of innu­me­rable phos­pho­res­cent d o t s)

Voila ! The feline in love’s place !
to focus on it is to impart to it a form (man­da­to­ry)

if not it passes to your left and right → right through you :
is your pre­fe­rence to be enchan­ted into absence or to observe ?

What are you wai­ting for ?

Love, ooh, love is deli­ve­red along this experiment’s inter­pre­ta­tion before a mir­ror
while the obser­ving eye is obser­ved – no small thing by any stretch

if you are cour­ting know­ledge that alrea­dy pos­sess
you put before the will’s upper cut to voli­tion

Who, though, can occu­py a vie­wing plat­form from the inside,
and see, say, the inver­ted image : no one

since, in order for some­thing to hold mea­ning, some other thing must hold none what­soe­ver, a state regar­ding which, che­rie, we lack all cer­tain­ty

Unless the cat’s both dead and living!” 


The poems möbius, 0→1, ♪, O2 belong to poe­try col­lec­tion Bella Boom (Publibook 2011) and have also been publi­shed in Hellenica : Novelty Within or Beyond Language : Anthology of Young Greek Poets, (Athens : Gavriilidis, 2009)