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The Year Turns

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They say that the year turns –
but in what direc­tion ?

I should say colour most­ly :
green into browns and yel­lows –
the occa­sio­nal reds.

It’s tur­ning away from the sun
as you and I once tur­ned
from our for­mer bright­ness

into a dar­ke­ning autumn.
Plum and sloe and dam­son :
the purples of mour­ning

hung among­st the hips ;
the haws, the bloo­dlust
of the year’s fecun­di­ty.

Love dies but the seed conti­nues –
but in what direc­tion ?

I see the veins in the leaves
and the veins in our hands –
simile, meta­phor,

what is there to know –
to unders­tand as the but­ter­fly
sips at wind­falls

and ano­ther leaf thins
to a frail detri­tus ?
My love for you grows stron­ger :

even in win­ter sta­sis
is not pos­sible – the cro­cus
and the cold­ness coun­te­ract.