> Vu de Belgrade [2]

Vu de Belgrade [2]

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Every one of us, I believe, has a lot of gifts. It is an art to reco­gnize them. At least the most impor­tant of them. Unfortunately, nowa­days people are pret­ty much brain­wa­shed, preoc­cu­pied with cha­sing money, posi­tions… The fact is that we live in an age of domi­nant false values. The value sys­tem is upside-down. But even so, that can­not be an excuse for an indi­vi­dual not to search for her or his own values. We sim­ply must do that. It is our obli­ga­tion to be in the per­ma­nent search for our gifts. To know.

On the other hand, it is not and should not be our obli­ga­tion to accept our gifts. That stands for artis­tic talent too. The fact that one was born as a poet doesn’t mean that one has neces­sa­ri­ly to be a poet. To grow her or his own self as to be devo­ted to the art. In my opi­nion, that should stay the mat­ter of per­so­nal deci­sion. Of course, to be a poet without a talent is a crime. Maybe I’ve used a harsh word, but that’s the way I see it. And I regret to say that I can see too many wri­ters who do not have any gift, yet they have some other ‘skills’ which help them to become ‘the great natio­nal wri­ters.’ And that is some­thing I will never unders­tand, as long as I live. The logic of it, the sense… If one has a talent, or skills, to pros­per into socie­ty, what is the rea­son that makes that per­son not to become a rich ban­ker, let’s say, or to get rich in show busi­ness, but she or he insists to be an artist ???

Speaking of gif­ted people, it has to be ones own deci­sion wea­ther he or she is going to devote her or him­self to the art or not. Art requires devo­tion. It is not so signi­fi­cant if someone sparkles once, twice, like a shoo­ting star. The point is to endure, to make use of all good moments and to over­come the trouble times. The goal is to never stop trying to reach the goal, the same way as Cavafy’s Odysseus see the mea­ning in the very search for Ithaca.   Somehow, it usual­ly hap­pens that we expe­rience more of the trouble per­iods, just like sai­lors, but again, that can­not be an excuse for someone who has deci­ded to devote her or him­self to the art. The art is also to go on.

This epoch, at least the way I see it, is not for­tu­nate for art. We live in the age of cor­po­ra­tions and their money empires, the dic­ta­tor­ship of enter­tain­ment, cheap spec­tacles for masses… far away from some rein­car­na­tion of renais­sance that would value, res­pect and, final­ly, invest into arts as much as arts deserve. Personally, I call it a dum­my per­iod and I hope it won’t last too long. But still – there are great artists (I’m incli­ned to call poets all of them) in all pos­sible fields of art. The truth is that we have pre­cious contem­po­ra­ries as well as we can always com­mu­ni­cate with great artists from the past, with their work that will always belong to – the present.

My friend, if you are gif­ted, it is only up to you whe­ther you are going to devote your­self to that gift, the gifts you are given, born with. Don’t do it if you don’t feel enough pas­sion for it ! If you feel weak, please don’t even try to cope with art world. It is often a very cruel world, since it depends on socie­ty. And socie­ty can be rather mer­ci­less.  

But if you deci­ded that you were going to endure in your micro­cosms and enrich this world with your work, don’t you ever give up, please. As the Americans say ‘it pays off.’ As I would say – you will enjoy a real life. Every moment of your exis­tence will turn into a verse. Not neces­sa­ri­ly writ­ten. The mate­rial world is just one dimen­sion of the world. Feel the rain drop, catch the sound of waves, accept the smile of a pas­ser-by, look to your old parents and rea­lize how hap­py you are they are still alive… feel the nucleus of eve­ry moment. That is ful­fillment. It is much more than hap­pi­ness. That is art.