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My name is Marija – I am a woman. Unfortunately, that fact is very deci­sive when tal­king about my coun­try, its culture too. I was born in pre­vious cen­tu­ry, in 1963, which means that I am too “expe­rien­ced” to pay atten­tion on eve­ry­thing that stands CONTRA poe­try, art and culture in gene­ral, I do notice it, I’ve expe­rien­ced “on my skin,” as we say here, but am also aware of the fact that I have only one life and I want that life to be “my busi­ness” as much as pos­sible. So I write − poe­try, essays, sto­ries, novels… and I try to be “tough like a rock” when it comes to what they call “cultu­ral poli­tics.” It’s been never easy (nor­mal) when it is about female authors, which is an contra­dic­tion in adjec­to since, in my opi­nion, art DOES NOT have gen­der, age, race, natio­na­li­ty…

Women intel­lec­tuals are dis­cri­mi­na­ted in this envi­ron­ment unless they are some­way “close” to the lea­ding men. That is the first obs­tacle. The second one is what they call poli­tics, although I don’t like to use that word for all kinds of stu­pid rules and, doing so, to offend the great idea of Aristotle. It is not poli­tics we’re tal­king about, these are some ridi­cu­lous deci­sions that serve only to the inter­ests of people in power, espe­cial­ly the ones we can­not see, “power­ful people in the sha­dow.”  There a lot of such people in our cultu­ral mecha­nism. For that rea­son it is enor­mous­ly dif­fi­cult for us who are females and are not “close to the deci­sion makers” to publish a book, to gain some award…. To gain res­pect !

That is rea­li­ty. But there is always more than one rea­li­ty.  More and more impor­tant rea­li­ty to me is the on of my own.  I feel as I sup­pose Ovid must have felt once bani­shed to Ponto, without com­pa­ring my work with his, of course. I want to say that I feel iso­la­ted and am coming to believe that maybe an artist should feel that way ; maybe it is a natu­ral state of art – “to be somew­here else?” I am focu­sed on the pure beau­ty of art and the FULFILLMENT I am given by art – focu­sed on that GIFT. I am focu­sed on my “sis­ters and bro­thers in arts” and their work that revives me eve­ry time I read or see or lis­ten to some­thing that IS art.

Art is a broad notion. As broad as love, this is a syno­nym for art. It is eve­ryw­here ; it is wai­ting to be reco­gni­zed. It is the beau­ty of the mor­ning, the beau­ty of the dawn before that, Aurora, and before her, it is the beau­ty of that bor­der­line bet­ween sleep and rea­li­zing that you are awake. Those moments, and “those hours,” as Virginia Wolf noti­ced it. None can take it away from us, except our­selves.

Finally, we are the ones who make deci­sion.  It is only up to me am I going to write a poem today or not. Or, as a great Serbian poet Laza Kostic put it, “only God and I know some­thing about it.”

A lot of us who have deserve it will maybe never be reco­gni­zed in our socie­ty, not by the people, but by the ones who “stand in front of the people.” Anyway, that is not the rea­son to give up ! In my opi­nion, it is bet­ter to take it as a chal­lenge to dive dee­per and dee­per into your world, the world of art.


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